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Olive Hestia

The Best Children Potty Trainer

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Potty training is easier than ever before with the Multi-Functional Deluxe Potty Trainer!

Start by introducing baby to their very own potty by placing the deluxe trainer seat on the skid-proof potty base. When baby is ready, move the trainer seat to the big potty to teach baby how to use the regular toilet.

SKU: 830332


  • Includes potty base, inner potty, and deluxe trainer seat with lid
  • Lid features handle for easy moving
  • Inner potty is anti-bacterial treated for hygiene
  • Inner potty features hand for easy cleaning
  • Skid-proof base so potty won’t slide
  • Skid-proof potty can also be used as a bath seat
  • Safe, comfortable and ergonomic design first the contours of children’s buttocks
  • Trainer seat can be placed on adult toilet


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